Creative Strategy, Visual Design & Film Production
Effective communication through Motion Design
Corporate Communications with strategy
Effective Concepts through Design Thinking processes
In our work, we pursue a strategic approach with design thinking methods and processes as the basis for successful communication.
We place the user, i.e. the viewer, at the center of our attention and work closely with our customers to develop a clear communication strategy as the basis for our work.
This way, we align content and messages precisely to brands and corporate goals and effectively meet the target audience.
Over 25 years of experience in motion design
We are Design-Lovers!
Mik completed his communications design studies in the mid-90s and began to animate the first design films on his Apple desktop computer.
At the same time, Manou switched from the music industry to the advertising film industry and worked in production and directing departments for national and international productions.
Manou and Mik meet in Hamburg in early 2003 and marry in spring.
In 2004 the two freelancers decided to do business together and they founded STUDIO EMMAR.
Since then, the two have combined their love of design and film in their work for companies and agencies of all sizes.
A selection of our work
Brand videos, explaINER VIDEOS, product presentations, and much more … Some examples from 20+ years of motion design.
Infos & Tools. Our memo pad.
Our notes are thoughts, information and tools on the subject of design, film and communication.