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The Communications Carrier Canvas

The Communications Carrier Canvas (CCC) The CCC offers a fast overview of all the different communication levels used in film and video, and helps to choose the best tools for the task. We included a B/W print version, for you…

Motion Design History

Motion design history mini-series. To start off our journey into the world of social media we wanted to have a look back on the past and honor those who created great motion design way before us. So here’s our Motion…

The Motion Design Manual

The Motion Design Manual 10 ingredients for your killer MOTION DESIGN production. Our guide to the most important components of an effective and successful motion design project. Videos and especially motion design pieces are a powerful tool for communication and…

Pricing Creativity

Pricing Creativity. Time is money. Time is value. This applies especially in the business context. So the most common practice to calculate the value of a design project is to take the hours spent to create the work multiplied by…

The Creative Brief

The creative brief is the foundation of any creative project. It outlines objectives, provides all relevant information for the team and all stakeholders, keeps everyone on the same page, and acts as an anchor during every stage of the creative process. Whether…

Video Marketing Trends 2019

Our five favorite Video Marketing Trends for 2019. Video is still the #1 type of content consumers say. Studies state that over 90% of people discover new brands and products on YouTube. And over 50% of shoppers say they decide on…

This is our 5 Step Production Process

A Guide to our 5 Step Production Process. Not all projects are the same, so no production process is alike. That’s why, over the years, we developed a set of processes and use them for our production framework. It outlines…


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