Motion design history mini-series.

To start off our journey into the world of social media we wanted to have a look back on the past and honor those who created great motion design way before us. So here’s our Motion Design History Mini Series.

#1 Saul Bass – Cowboy (1958)

Saul Bass is kown as the founding father of motion graphics. Though he certainly wasn’t the first to design title sequences, he incorporated contemporary graphic design and added his personal style to transform this informative part of the movie into an exciting prologue. There are a lot of great examples of his work like and its well worth to watch and study pieces like „the man with the golden arm“, „anatomy of a murder“ and „oceans eleven“ just to name a few. This piece is not as well known as others, but we like the playfullness and naivity of it.

watch here:

#2 Maurice Binder – Dr. No (1962)

MauriceBender is famous for his work on 14 (!!!) James Bond title sequence s including the first one, Dr. No . He invented the iconic gun barrel opening sequence that was shot with a pinhole camera so the gun barrel and the actor were both in focus. Binder is also known for women dancing, jumping or shooting weapons and also are trademarks of the James Bond films.

watch here:

#3 Pablo Ferro – The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

Pablo Ferro was a graphic designer and film titles designer from cuba. He is known for his work on Dr. Strangelove, Bullitt, The Addams family, and Men In Black. He even worked with the Grandmaster himself Saul Bass on the titles of Hitchcock’s Psycho! His work for this Steve Mcqueen movie incorporates the graphic design style of that era and uses motion and sequence of the images to add a little fun…

watch here:

#4 Kyle Cooper – The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)

Kyle Cooper is know by most for his genius and breathtaking design for Se7en back in 1995. This is a lesser known piece that i stumbled upon in ’97 just after i started out working as a motion designer. i admired the typographic work of David Carson and went to Drum & Bass parties at night so to me seeing this piece felt like i found the holy grail! Check out Cooper’s company Prologue Films, They still rule the title design game.

watch here:

#5 Simon Clowes – X Men: First Class (2011)

Simon Clowes is a british designer and director living in LA where he worked for Kyle Cooper’s studio Prologue Films. He did a lot of amazing title sequences including “Elementary”, “Aquaman” and “Power Rangers”. Most of his work is more dimensional and highly detailed 3D imagery, but this piece is more graphic based, a clear reference to the forefathers of motion design, almost like the little grandson of Maurice Binder’s Dr. No .

watch here: