The Communications Carrier Canvas (CCC)
The CCC offers a fast overview of all the different communication levels used in film and video, and helps to choose the best tools for the task.

We included a B/W print version, for you to use with your next film project.

Film and video – or timebased media in general – communicates on so many levels. Theres no other media that has so many options to communicate with the audience. It almost has super-powers because it uses the combination of visual and aural signals together, which themselves have countless ways to communicate already. And because there are so many, we tend to loose track of all the possibilities and just use the obvious or fall back on the most common ones.

To use the full potential of the media we developed the “Communications Carrier Canvas” (CCC) as a guide or a map to gain and show a quick overview of some of the most important communication tools in film and video, and to help make decisions on what aligns with the brand and works best for that specific communication task. o

Download the CCC PDF.