How we work.

By combining graphic design, illustration, 3D, filmmaking and animation we engage the viewer and take him on an emotional journeyWe immerse the audience in a rich world of information and imagery. 

We transform A message into a highly engaging visual experience.

We create custom start-to-finish motion design products for a broad spectrum of applications: from commercials to social media clips, from corporate presentations to explainer videos. Our tried and true production processes are the  foundation to deliver high impact and inspirational communication tools on time and within budget.


Not all projects are the same, but over the years we developed a set of processes that adapt to every case. This helps us and our clients to align on goals, ideas, timeframe and budget of the project and carefully plan and keep track of every step along the production.


we outline all the details and requirements of your project (i.e. your objectives and goals, target audience, deadline and budget requirements)

to fully understand your needs we take some more time and ask a set of questions 

we take all informations into account and set the scope for the project 

here’s where we come up with the basic idea and story line for your project 

the concept story put in words 

gantt sheet with all major production processes, milestones, presentations and feedback loops.


we collect inspirational material from all sources to get a feel for the project 

we dig deep in our toolboxes to create the best matching style 

we start working on typography, icons, grid & layout, picture styles, …

all the design elements arranged as if it was the real thing 

a simple rendition (or text placeholder) for every shot incl. audio description 

the storyboard frames as a movie clip to verify sequemce and timing


preparing footage, modelling, texturing, lighting and other elements for animation

motion of main elements, environment and camera to unfold the story 

logistic and technical challenging and very time- and computing-power-consuming process

combine all manufactured elements and fine-tune the look and flow of the piece

add music in relation to the voice over and add sound effects where needed

compression, digital upload 

We are convinced that each communication task needs its very own visual language. Depending on each projects requirements we expand our team with specialized freelancersThis way we are able to work super flexible and our results have a higher impact and go far beyond just eye candy.

Form follows function

Ask a question, schedule a meeting, start a project, …

“Motion design is a brand storyteller, able to enhance interaction and engagement

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